Your commission art?

Your company, foundation in my art project.

Jolanda Jakobs creates site-specific installation art with (supermarket) packaging in the broad sense of the word.

Literally the packaging of your product or….in case you are thinking you do not have this….just open your office closet or take a dive in your trash can… > package > cups?

How to realize?


1 location + 1 (supermarket) packaging = a ? art product of artistic freedom.

  • One or both of the ingredients can be given by you as a starting point.


  • An informative orientation conversation: who am i, who are you, what can we mean to each other?
  • Acquaintance with your corporate identity: visiting of the location, a tour, interviews, making notes, photo’s and film.
  • Looking for or handing over the (supermarket) packaging.
  • With this footage she starts, at her studio, creating an idea.
  • Developing the idea to a thoughtful concept.
  • Building the installation on the location.
  • “A converstaion with the artist”. Invite your relationships for a viewing and/or reading.
  • The installation is temporary. What remains are the artworks that results from it: editions and multiples shaped by her sketches, design drawings and photographs. (See her design label verPAKt)
  • If you are interested in these works of art, agreements can be made. The pictorial right stays with her as an artist.

Interested? Questions?

Feel free to contact me.