SQUIRE – eta gir e pip –


You are welcome to visit my art installation during the denkmalKunst-kunstDenkmal festival: 29.9 up to 08.10. 2017 / Every day van 11 a.m tot 18 p.m. / Schildwache 2 / Osterode am Harz.

Atmospheric images of this art installation on view >>>


I travel by train to the Suntower in Osterode am Harz. In my Luggage I can only carry 1 supermarket packaging. The challenge: build an art installation on site using minimum material and tools.


Question: which supermarket packaging is appropriate for the Suntower?

On forehand I did some research and found out that a defense tower in a old city wall, closed outside the city and open on the inside, like the Suntower, is known in architecture as a shell tower.

Shell – pasta – squire!

On the pictures the first meeting of the squire, his beautiful name is – eta gir e pip -, with the Suntower in Osterode am Harz.

Pictures: the Suntower is part of the old mediëval city wall. seen from outside the city it is a closed defense tower and inside the city it is a welcome half-timbered house.