The KitchenFUNpalace

kunstenaar-jolanda-jakobs-in-supermarkt-verpakking-kunst-workshop-installatie-bouwen-keukenpretpaleisEXHIBITION, Friday 1 and Saturday 2 september 2017

In the last weeks of the school year 2016/ 2017, a small group of pupils on the primary school “De Klink” in Grathem, a small town in the south of the Netherlands, were having a great time together by building this art installation “The kitchenFUNpalace!”

kunstenaar-jolanda-jakobs-in-supermarkt-verpakking-kunst-workshop-installatie-bouwen-keukenpretpaleis-detailTheir inspiration source: a refrigerator, a kitchen chair, supermarket packaging, a introduction into the dynamic art installations of the famous artist Tinguely and their own amusement park experience.

I developed and supervised this workshop by myself.

As an artist, i was participating in a children’s art project organized by the Art and Culture Foundation of the manicipality of Leudal (NL). The project will be concluded with a two-day exhibition. The artists and children will receive and guide you with pride.