Jolanda Jakobs

Jolanda Jakobs (1972, Meijel) is a visual artist (2006, Academy Fine Art and Design Maastricht). She has a love-hate relationship with the supermarket packaging: the overwhelming multitude of colours, shapes, pictures of idyllic landscapes and chocolate sprinkles is the inexhaustible source for her artistic work. From this spectacle of abundance, including shopping carts and covered dining tables, she creates her world of silence. A World that create space for wonder, both for the spectator and herself.

Mainly she creates macro worlds: installations in which a supermarket packaging makes a connection with the space. Projectually she starts, researches and explores experimental new techniques and methods to implement her concept. On location she works as a builder. Her macro worlds exist temporarily. What remains are sketches, design drawings and photographs. For these art products, editions and multiples, see her design label verPAKt.